How to Choose the Right Foods for Your Shih Tzu 

If you are like most Shih Tzu owners, you want to make sure you are choosing the right foods for your little companion. Why? Because your Shih Tzu overall health is directly related to the foods you are feeding him. 

Shih Tzu digestive system does more than just break down foods. The digestive system also absorbs and processes nutrients, eliminates waste, and is the first line of defense against toxins entering their little bodies. 

Unfortunately, Shih Tzu are prone to food allergies, ear infections, dental problems, and skin infections. All of which can be mitigated (if not avoided) by feeding your Shih Tzu the proper nutrients and a well-balanced diet. With that said, the foods you choose should take into consideration your Shih Tzu’s genetic traits, health, age, weight, activity level and more. 

The topic of dog foods and which to choose from can be overwhelming for anyone. Do you choose holistic foods, make your own foods or purchase the popular manufactured brands? These are all good questions. So how do you decide? Well, you need to make the best decision you can based what you know, what you have tried and what some of the experts are saying. 

Below are some topics I have researched to help you make an informed decision. If you don’t see what you are looking for now, come back later because I will continue to research this topic and add new information as it becomes available. 

As always, do your research before making any major decisions by referencing credible sources and consulting with your veterinarian if you have questions. 

Do You Really Know What You Are Feeding Your Shih Tzu?

There are many pet food products on the market that claim to be well-balanced and healthy for your dog.  Most dog foods brands claim to include the daily vitamins and nutrients that are best for our dog. We generally trust the manufacturers and assume they know what is best, right? Well, that may be our first mistake.

So, how do you really know which pet foods are truly best for your Shiz Tzu? The first thing all pet owners need to do is understand how to read dog food labels. Once you understand how to read the labels, you can determine the quality of food you are actually feeding your dog.

General Guidelines to Keep Your Shih Tzu Healthy

You will know if your Shih Tzu is in perfect health by his behaviors.  Some physical indicators of a healthy dog include: alert, happy attitudes, shiny coats, strong teeth and healthy gums. Below are some additional things you should know.

  • Always make sure your dog has fresh water to drink every day. Water helps their digestive systems and helps them to maintain body temperatures
  • Avoid plastic bowls as they harbor bacteria. Instead use stainless steel bowls
  • Shih Tzu are prone to obesity so never overfeed your dog
  • Never give your dog vitamins or mineral supplements unless they are recommended by your Vet.
  • Check with your Vet to ensure you are feeding your dog a proper diet.
  • Check with a nutritionist to help you plan your dog’s meals
  • Avoid feeding your dog table scraps

Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid

Have you ever read the labels on the side of a bag or can of dog food? Do you know what all those ingredients are? Do you understand the nutritional values or why the ingredients are even present? If not then you need to continue reading.