Shih Tzu General Health

Shih Tzu are generally pretty healthy little dogs and have a high quality of life. Naturally, general health and well- being is dependent on certain preventative measures such as feeding your Shih Tzu a well balanced diet, ensuring they receive the proper exercise, avoiding table scraps, and showering them with tones of love.

Shih Tzu are much like humans in that they require tones of affection and attention.  After all, your Shih Tzu main purpose in life is to please YOU.   When Shih Tzu are ignored and not given the attention they deserve, they tend to live shorter lives. However, if you shower your Shih Tzu with love they have been known to live longer, healthy lives.

So it’s simple.  All you have to do is provide your Shih Tzu with love, affection (and proper care of course) and you can extend his/her life span beyond ten years. How hard is that?

Always greet your Shih Tzu when you come home with affection. Shih Tzu live for human interaction and cherish every moment they have with you. Praise your Shih Tzu with “good boy” and let them know they are appreciated. They will repay the love and kisses ten fold. I promise.

To ensure your precious Shih Tzu lives the best and longest life possible, owners need to make sure their Shih Tzu receives the proper amount of exercise which will ultimately improve your dog’s health. Daily walks outside are very important for your dog’s health.

Much like humans, daily exercise helps to keep blood flowing for a healthy heart, strengthens muscles and improves your Shih Tzu overall well-being. When weather does not permit outside activity, inside playful activity for 30 minutes or so will make all the difference in the world.

Your Shih Tzu will not only appreciate the benefits of a healthy life but he/she will also appreciate your attention.