Common Shih Tzu Health Concerns

Due to the physical features of a Shih Tzu they are susceptible to some common health concerns.  Most health issues are related to their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.  Below are some common health issues you should be aware of.

Shih Tzu Eye Care

Shih Tzu are susceptible to eye injuries because their eyes are wide and somewhat protruding.  Injuries can happen by scratching the corners of their eyes which could ultimately puncture their eyes. So you should try and protect your little Shih Tzu from sharp objects and keep the hair out of their eyes to avoid eye related incidents. Moreover, Shih Tzu have small eye ducts which can get clogged and cause an infection.  Therefore, you will want to check and clean your dog’s eyes on a regular basis.

Shih Tzu Ear Care

Shih Tzu are also susceptible to ear infections due to their long floppy ears. You’ll know if they have an ear infection because their ears will be red, smelly, and you will see them constantly scratching or rubbing their heads along the floor. If gone untreated, the symptoms may develop into the middle or even inner ear infection.  If the infection goes untreated it can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your dog’s hearing.

Shih Tzu ears contain wax, yeast, and certain bacteria to help keep them clean and free of infection.  So it is important to maintain a natural balance of healthy organisms in the ear and keep the outer ear clean to avoid ear problems. There are some healthy natural products on the market such as Ear Dr. to help keep the ear canals clear which will prevent itching and scratching as well as promote good ear health. To help avoid ear infections you should check and clean your Shih Tzu’s ears regularly.  If you notice an infection please seek medical treatment right away.

Shih Tzu Nose Care

Due to the short muzzle, Shih Tzu are also susceptible to respiratory problems.  As a result, you should not leave your dog outdoors for a long period of time especially in the summer because the high heat and humidity can cause serious harm and even death.  You should also leave the air on in your house when leaving your dog home all day because, at times, your home can get pretty warm which will make it hard for your Shih Tzu to breath.  After all, the Shih Tzu was raised by royalty, so they need to be pampered.

Shih Tzu Mouth Care

Finally, special care needs to be taken into consideration to avoid dental problems due to the shape of a Shih Tzu muzzle and small mouth.  No one likes smelly breath, so you should clean your Shih Tzu teeth on a regular basis.   Keeping your dog’s teeth clean will not only prevent dental and gum issues such as tartar and plaque build-up, but it will also help to prevent heart, liver, and kidneys problems.

Please Note: You should never use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth